Fire & Emergency Services

Middlesex Centre Fire Helmet

In case of emergency, CALL 911.

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Emergency Services in Middlesex Centre

Middlesex Centre Fire Services & Emergency Management

Middlesex Centre Fire Services (MCFS)

Middlesex Centre Fire Services consists of five fire stations staffed by professionally trained, paid-on-call firefighters with full-time headquarter staff.

Video: Middlesex Centre Fire Services - Professional Volunteer Firefighters


Interested in finding out what it takes to be a firefighter with MCFS?

Fire Station Locations

Arva Station
14352 Medway Road, Arva (map)

Bryanston Station
15321 Plover Mills Road, Bryanston (map)

Coldstream Station
10227 Ilderton Road, Coldstream (map)

Delaware Station
11563 Longwoods Road, Delaware (map)

Ilderton Station
22531 Hyde Park Road, Ilderton (map)


Flashing Green Lights = Firefighters Responding to Emergency

When emergencies happen, the on-call, professional firefighters of Middlesex Centre are ready to respond at any moment.

Help our firefighters get to their emergency calls quickly and safely. Our firefighters flash green lights in the front of their personal vehicles when they are responding to an emergency. If you "see green" pull over if it is safe to do so, and let our firefighters pass!

Video: Green Lights - MCFS Responding to Emergency 


Outdoor Fires, Fireworks, Fire Inspections & Reports

Looking for information on outdoor/back yard fires or fireworks (commercial or display)?  Want to request request a firework permit or inspection?

Outdoor fires, Fireworks, Inspections & Reports


Fire Prevention & Safety

By following some simple safety rules, you can protect your loved ones and your property from fires and other emergencies.

Fire Prevention & Safety


Request a Fire Safety Presentation

MCFS is happy to visit schools and attend community events to help spread the word about fire safety. 

Request a Fire Safety Presentation


Fire Services Master Plan

Middlesex Centre’s Fire Services Master Plan establishes a long-term strategy for fire and emergency services in the community.

Middlesex Centre Fire Services Master Plan
and Community Risk Assessment 


Emergency Management

We know that emergency situations can happen at any time and with little warning. Learn the steps the Middlesex Centre is taking to prepare for emergencies, and what you can do to prepare your family.

Emergency Management


Help us Find You in an Emergency

The what3words app can help first responders find you faster during emergency situations.

The app assigns a unique combination of three words to each 3 square meters on the planet. For example, the front sign at the Middlesex Centre municipal office is ///  With these three words, first responders can pinpoint your exact location along a road, out in a field, or in a large building, speeding up emergency response time.

  • It can be used via the free app for iOS and Android, or via the online map at
  • It’s available in over 40 languages. 
  • The app works offline, and can be used even if you have a poor or unreliable internet connection.

what3words app



For Questions Contact:

Colin Toth

Job Title
Director of Emergency Services & Fire Chief
Fire & Emergency Services
ext. 5239

Shannon Leitch

Job Title
Fire & Emergency Services Coordinator
Fire & Emergency Services
ext. 5266