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Middlesex Centre maintains more than 550 km of roads, 30 km of sidewalks, 49 bridges and 56 culverts. Our experienced staff is on the front line of safety and customer service through summer construction projects and winter salt, sand and plowing activities.


    Summer Road Maintenance

    Summer is a busy time for the roads crew at Middlesex Centre. In addition to construction projects, staff complete a number of road maintenance tasks, including repairing potholes, grading gravel roads and gravel shoulders, sweeping streets and sidewalks, and ensuring street signs and bridges are in good repair.  

    For more details, see our Summer Roads Maintenance Program Summary

    Want to report a broken streetlight or other road/sidewalk repair issues ? Please send us an email or use our online feedback form

    Sidewalk and Streetlight Survey

    In 2021, we asked residents for their thoughts on priority areas for sidewalks and streetlights in our urban communities. Over 500 people provided feedback (thank-you!), which is being incorporated into our infrastructure plans for the coming years. 

    Sidewalks & Streetlights in Middlesex Centre - Survey Results



    Winter Road Maintenance 

    Middlesex Centre's winter road maintenance program aims to provide safe roads and sidewalks at an affordable price. The municipality has a well-equipped, 24/7 response team that maintains the roadways and sidewalks. 

    Video: Behind the Plow

    After the snowfall ends, it can take 8 to 12 hours to clear priority roads, and 24 hours to clear all municipal roads. A larger or continuous snowfall event may extend the time necessary to clear snow from local streets and cul-de-sacs.

    Sidewalks are cleared after more than 5 cm of snow accumulates. Sidewalk clearing is generally completed within 24 to 48 hours after the end of the storm;  however, when we have a heavy snowfall, or successive winter events back to back, it will take longer to clear all sidewalks. Sidewalks are cleared to a snow packed condition, as the snow equipment does not allow for clearing down to bare pavement.

    For more information on winter road maintenance see our Frequently Asked Questions.

    Want to report a damaged mail box or lawn? Please send us an email


    How can you help after a snow event?

    • Be patient. In heavy snowfalls it takes us longer to get all our roads cleared.
    • Be a good neighbour. Help those who may not be able to shovel their driveways and sidewalks.
    • Don't park on the street during a snowfall - or immediately following a snowfall if plowing is still needed. Also, please do not park your vehicle at the very end of a driveway or across the sidewalk/boulevard area. Plow operators are not able to do their job properly if there are parked vehicles in the way.
    • Keep a safe distance from plow trucks on the roads and do not attempt to pass. Vehicles attempting to pass create a safety risk for everyone on the road.
    • Don't place snow from sidewalks or driveways on the street. It creates a hazard for vehicles, and the Highway Traffic Act prohibits the placing of snow or ice on a roadway.
    • If you have a fire hydrant on or around their property, please clear the snow to ensure Middlesex Centre Fire Services can access the hydrant in case of emergency.


    Road Closures

    Notices about planned road closures are included in our Public Notices. Whenever possible, information on emergency road closures is shared via social media and posted on the website.


    Road Safety

    Please learn more about our commitment to road safety through the Middlesex Centre Vision Zero Program.


    Roadside Weed Spraying Program

    Roadside weed spraying is contracted through the County of Middlesex.

    During May and June the County of Middlesex sprays selected roads in Middlesex Centre.

    Residents NOT wishing to have the roadway sprayed in front of their property should sign the area with a "NO SPRAY" notification.


    Road and Related Application Forms

    Please note that you must download the forms to your desktop prior to completing them.

    Road Entrance Permit Application Form

    Road Occupancy Permit Application Form

    Road Closure Request Application Form

    Moving Permit (Transportation of Large Items) Application Form and Information about Moving Oversized Loads on Middlesex Centre Roads

    Utilities Construction Request Form

    Manure Pipeline Road Crossing Procedure and Sample Agreement

    Owner-Initiated Local Improvements

    Encroachment on Municipal Property or Right-of-Way Application Form

    Wood Delivery Request Form


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