Boards & Committees

Middlesex Centre Council appoints representatives to local boards and committees. The term for local boards and committees is November 2022 to November 30, 2026.


Community Services Advisory Committee

  • Council Representatives: Councillor Frank Berze, Councillor Wayne Shipley
  • Public Representatives: Todd Copeland, Heather Greig, Shereen Miller, Margaret Gelinas, Michele Ivanouski, Vanessa Cullen, Jean Coles, Danny Jeffries


Youth Advisory Committee

  • Council Representative: Councillor Sue Cates
  • Public Representatives: Ally Pym, Audrey Ducharme


Cemetery Committee

  • Council Representatives: Councillor Debbie Heffernan
  • Public Representation: Ken Cates, Karen Foster, Judy Legg, George Showler, Lorene Waugh


Livestock Valuers

  • Public Representatives: Evan Donley


Bluewater Recycling Association

  • Council Representative: Councillor Debbie Heffernan


Joint Board of Management for the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System

  • Council Representative: Mayor Aina DeViet
  • Alternate Council Representative: Deputy Mayor John Brennan


Green Lane Landfill Public Liaison Committee

  • Public Representative: Councillor Hugh Aerts


Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Clinic Board of Directors

  • Council Representatives: Mayor Aina DeViet, Deputy Mayor John Brennan
  • Public Representative: Heather Mastromattei


Southwest Middlesex Health Centre Board

  • Public Representatives: Jennifer Jackson; second position is vacant


Conservation Authorities


Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Board

  • Council Representative: Councillor Wayne Shipley


Kettle Creek Conservation Authority Board

  • Council Representative: Councillor Frank Berze


Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority Board

  • Council Representative: Councillor Hugh Aerts


St. Clair Region Conservation Authority Board

  • Representative: Councillor Sue Cates


Upper Thames River Conservation Authority Board

  • Council Representative: Councillor Debbie Heffernan


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