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The Municipality of Middlesex Centre has a zero-tolerance policy -- the R Zone -- for violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour at recreational facilities, community centres, parks and programs.

When you see the R Zone logo, it is a reminder of the zero-tolerance policy, and that it applies to everyone – coaches, parents, players, performers, audiences and visitors. 

Does the R Zone only apply to sports organizations?

No. The R Zone applies to all community organizations and individuals using Municipality of Middlesex Centre facilities, including municipal offices, community centres, parks and recreational facilities.

It also applies to interactions with municipal staff, committee members and/or elected officials of Middlesex Centre.

What type of incidents can or should be reported?

No form of violence, vandalism or inappropriate behaviour is acceptable on municipal properties, in facilities or programs, or when dealing with municipal staff, committee members or elected officials.

Incidents involving the following should be reported:

  • Verbal assault
  • Physical assault/harm
  • Use of alcohol or drugs
  • Harassment
  • Threats/aggression
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
How and when should an incident be reported?

If you are involved in or witness a situation at a municipal indoor facility (like an arena or community centre), you can report it to a staff member. With your assistance, he/she will complete a report.

When a situation occurs at an outdoor facility (like a park) with no available staff, if a community organization is involved advise them directly so they can file a report.

You are also welcome to report your concerns directly by:

For best and timely resolutions, report any incidents within 24 hours.

If I report an incident, will my identity be kept confidential?

Yes, in accordance with the municipality’s privacy information policy.

What happens after a report has been made?

Whether reported in person, through an organization, or online, the report will be logged by municipal staff and will either be dealt with directly by municipality or forwarded on the appropriate group/organization for follow-up.

Will the municipality follow up on every incident?

The intent of The R Zone is that each organization takes responsibility for situations created by or that affect their participants in cooperation with the Municipality of Middlesex Centre. In some cases, the municipality may take the lead role, while in other cases, it will be the community group or organization.

What are some of the consequences that may occur?

Each report will be reviewed on an individual basis. The nature and degree of discipline will be determined by the severity of the situation.

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