Recreational Skating

family ice skating

Recreational Skating

Public skating and pick-up hockey are offered at the Komoka Wellness Centre (year-round) and Ilderton Arena (fall and winter). Note that the schedule changes seasonally, and may be adjusted for holidays and special events. 

Recreational Skating Schedule
Komoka - july 2 to august 31 

Frequent Skater Discount Cards

Frequent skater?

We offer a discounted rate if you purchase a multiple skate "punch card" in advance. 

  • 20 Senior Skates = $72
  • 20 Child or Adult Skates = $90

Valid for public skating only; not valid for shinny. Rates subject to change.

Public Skating Rules

Please observe the following safety rules for the enjoyment of all skaters.

  • All participants must wear skates while on the ice surface. Those without skates will not be permitted on the ice surface.
  • Everyone on the ice surface must wear a CSA-approved helmet. 
  • Chairs, sleds, strollers, pylons and other obstructions are not permitted on the ice surface.
  • Skate guards must be worn in unmatted areas throughout the facility.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted on the ice surface.
  • Skaters must skate at a sensible speed, adhere to the directions of the arena staff members, and report all accidents or injuries to the arena staff members on duty.
  • Skaters must refrain from carrying children on shoulders or in arms while skating.
  • Skaters must refrain from throwing snow or ice.
  • Skating backwards is not permitted during public skates.
  • Games such as tag or racing will not be permitted.
  • Wearing hockey equipment on the ice is not permitted during public skates.
  • The use of hockey sticks is not permitted during public skating sessions.
  • Power skating or figure skating is not permitted during public skate sessions.
  • Wheelchairs are permitted on the ice providing that the operator of the wheelchair is wearing ice skates. Please keep the wheelchair next to the boards away from skating traffic.
  • Youth under 12 must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older at all times. The adult does not need to be on the ice with the youth but must be in the proximity of the ice surface as their youth is skating.
Pick-up Hockey / Shinny Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, please following the Shinny Rules:

  • An adult (18+) must accompany children on the ice. 
  • No unruly behavior, profanity, or spitting.
  • No horseplay, body contact or fighting.
  • No slapshots. 
  • No lifting the puck.
  • No participants are permitted on the ice during ice resurfacing, or until the ice-resurfacer is off the ice and access doors are secure.
  • No sitting on the boards or loitering.
  • Player should leave the ice surface area to rest.
  • Please respect, listen to and follow instructions from the skate patrol and/or arena staff at all times.
  • Respect other participants and be courteous.
  • Report all accidents or injuries to skate patrol or arena staff members immediately.
  • All participants must wear a CSA approved helmet on the ice.
  • Full equipment is required for children and recommended for adults.
  • No headsets, cell phones or handheld electronic devices are to be used while playing.
  • Carrying of children is not permitted.
  • Maximum of 40 participants allowed on the ice at one time


Booking Ice Time

If you are looking to book ice time for a sport overseen by a recognized provincial or national sport organization, please visit our Book a Facility page.


Looking for Other Recreation Programs?

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Assumption of Risk: By visiting any parks and publicly accessible spaces you voluntarily assume all risks, including any risk of injury, loss, damage and possible exposure to a communicable disease such as COVID-19. 


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