Vision Zero

Vision Zero Road Safety Sign

Vision Zero is a global movement dedicated to the elimination of traffic deaths and injuries caused by vehicular collisions while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. 

Vision Zero began in Sweden in 1997 and has now been adopted by countries such as Australia and England, and numerous major cities in the United States. In January 2016, Canada adopted Vision Zero as a federal strategy through Canada’s Road Safety Strategy

Central to Vision Zero is the shared responsibility between road users, designers, maintainers and operators of the transportation system. It also includes the adoption of a safe systems approach that does not ignore risk-taking behaviour but acknowledges human fallibility and the need to greater allowances for human error.

Road Safety in Middlesex Centre

Injuries and deaths that result from motor vehicle collisions are a serious public health concern in Middlesex Centre -- they take a toll on the victims’ families and friends, as well as the health and social services systems. Yet, most of these injuries and deaths are preventable through the use of strategic and effective road safety initiatives that not only include infrastructure changes and enforcement, but also public education. 

Respect the Limit Speed Reduction Campaign - Lawn Signs

There is no doubt that speed plays a role in many preventable motor vehicle accidents. To promote obeying the posted speed limit, Middlesex Centre is offering “Respect the Limit” lawn signs to residents and businesses. The campaign is based on a similar and successful campaign in the City of London.

Signs are available free of charge to Middlesex Centre residents and businesses. They can be picked-up at the municipal office and the Komoka Wellness Centre

Community Safety Zones

Community safety zones will see speed limits reduced to 40 km/h in areas of special safety concern such as near schools, playgrounds and senior citizen residences, among others. Traffic violations in these zones come with double the fines of other roadways.

There are community safety zones in Delaware, Ilderton, Kilworth and Komoka. They can be seen in the attached maps (below).

Centre-line Markers

As part of Middlesex Centre’s Vision Zero road safety campaign, centre-line markers have been installed on streets with speeding concerns.

Locations of Centre-Line Markers in 2023

Parking Safely on Roads with Centre-line Markers - If you have centre-line markers on your street, please allow 6m (20ft) on either side of the markers when parking on the road. This will allow cars to pass the centre-line markers without being forced into oncoming traffic.

Diagram for Parking Safely on Roads with Centre-line Markers

Temporary Speed Cushions

Temporary speed cushions are installed in residential areas as a form of traffic calming. Speed cushions are installed as per the best practices in the Transportation Association of Canada's Canadian Guide to Traffic Calming (2018). 

Location of Speed Cushions for 2023

Traffic Planning

Staff continue to engage with the County of Middlesex on on vehicle speeding concerns and pedestrian safety along County roads. They are also working to identify opportunities to include traffic calming and complete streets design principles and best practices in new developments through review of the Municipal Design Standards.

Safety Blitz

A fall safety blitz will focus on driving safely in school zones and around buses, and on road safety for youth.

Speed Radar Sign

To request that the speed radar sign come to your neighbourhood, contact Middlesex Centre Public Works and Engineering. The sign is typically available on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure road safety requirements are met, placement of the sign is at the discretion of Middlesex Centre staff.

Speeding - Enforcement

For issues related to speeding and enforcement, please contact the Middlesex OPP at 1-888-310-1122 (non-urgent call line).  You may also report driving complaints using the OPP's Online Reporting System.


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