“Paw-sitive” results for Middlesex Centre’s in-ground dog waste containers

Dog Waste Container Sutera

Back in September of 2022, Middlesex Centre introduced new in-ground dog waste containers at Deerhaven, Douglas B. Weldon, Komoka and Westbrook parks. You might have noticed these bright green containers near the park entrances.

We’ve seen a number of benefits from “going underground" for dog waste storage, including reduced odours, less park space used for garbage cans, and easier park cleaning and maintenance.

Since the program began to the end of 2023, the containers have collected 2,110 kg of waste. That works out to an estimated 18,644 times that dogs and their owners have used the containers. Picking up poop is a crappy job (sorry, we couldn’t resist!), and we appreciate all the dog owners that have been doing their part to keep our parks clean.

After it is collected, the dog waste is taken for processing in Waterloo Region, where it is turned into fertilizer and electricity from biogas. Processing the waste rather than sending it to landfill has saved 60 kg of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere, and enough energy has been produced to power 1.26 homes for a year.

With these “paw-sitive” results municipal staff are looking to expand the program to new and existing parks as budget allows.

Are you a dog owner? Please remember:

  • Be a respectful park visitor. Pick-up and properly dispose of your litter and dog poop!
  • Dogs are not allowed to run-at-large, and need to be on a leash when you are out for a walk or visiting a park. The only exception is at designated dog off leash areas (parks).
  • Learn more about dogs in Middlesex Centre on our Animal Services page.