Ilderton Youth Centre

Ilderton Youth Centre

The Ilderton Youth Centre offers drop-in and specialized programming for those ages 9 to 18.  These programs operate in partnership with BGC London. 


Programs and Activities

Drop-in Sessions offer ping pong, air hockey, games, crafts and more. Depending on the day, there may be special themes or activities. As these vary from week-to-week, check "Hey Ilderton Youth" on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Special Programs offered at the Ilderton Youth Centre and other community venues range from March Break and summer camps to baking, volleyball and theatre programs, among much more. Check the programs offered by BGC in Ilderton at: 

Youth Program - Ilderton


Registration & Fees

Drop-In Sessions: All youth must be registered to attend the drop-in centre. This one-time registration process allows for all the necessary forms, etc. to be on file.

Special Programs: Youth must register for each special program they wish to attend.


Fees - Membership or Visitor, Your Choice

Youth can be a member or a pay-as-you-go visitor to the Ilderton Youth Centre. 

Ilderton Youth Member Ilderton Youth Visitor
Ilderton Youth Membership - Costs $50/year, Ages 9+ No initial fee. Payment collected for each program.
Includes free or reduced rate access to Youth Centre drop-in and programs Paid access to Youth drop-in and programs
Register for programs and activities at a reduced cost Register for programs and activities at regular cost
Access to additional BGC program activities including My Action to Education (tutoring, academic support) and Skilled4Success (job skills training)  


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