New Dog Waste Containers in Middlesex Centre Parks

Dog Waste Container Sutera

Dog Waste goes Underground

Out for a walk with your four-legged friend? If you are strolling through Deerhaven, Douglas B. Weldon, Komoka or Westbrook parks you can drop your dog's waste in one of our new in-ground waste containers.

There are number of benefits to going "underground" for dog waste storage, including reducing odours, using less park space, and making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Staff will be finishing up the installation of the unit at Westbrook Park and grass seeding/clean-up near the new units over the next week.

If these units prove to be successful, they may be installed at other parks in future.

Please remember:

  • Be a respectful park visitor. Pick-up and properly dispose your litter and dog poop!
  • Dogs are not allowed to run-at-large, and need to be on a leash when you are out for a walk or visiting a park. The only exception is at designated dog off leash areas (parks).
  • Learn more about dogs in Middlesex Centre on our Animal Services page.