Project Notice: Kilworth Bridge Rehabilitation


As some Middlesex Centre residents live near or commute through this area, we are sharing information about this project.

site map Kilworth Bridge project 2023

The City of London and County of Middlesex will be rehabilitating the Kilworth Bridge to repair deck drains and girders. The bridge is located at the Thames River where Oxford St W and Glendon Dr meet.

During construction, travel across the bridge will be reduced to a single lane of alternating traffic to provide safe space to complete the work.

Construction Work to be Completed

  • Repairs to the bridge deck drains and girders.
  • Install and maintain wildlife exclusionary measures on the bridge and along the riverbanks during construction.

Anticipated Project Timeline

The bridge rehabilitation is expected to take approximately 8 weeks from the start of construction. The anticipated construction schedule is listed below:

  • Installation of wildlife exclusionary measures: March 1st, 2023
  • Construction starts: April 1st, 2023
  • Construction ends: June 2023

Transportation Impacts

The bridge will be open to all motorists and cyclists in both directions. Travel across the bridge will be limited to a single lane of alternating traffic controlled by temporary traffic signals. Motorists should be prepared for some traffic delays.

More Information

The attached project notice provides detailed information about the project. It also includes contact information for the City of London project managers.