Notices regarding Block 62 of Clear Skies Subdivision


Notice SP09-2022 and 39T-MC-CDM2203

Applications for Site Plan Approval and Draft Plan of Condominium

  • Owner: 1960634 Ontario Inc.
  • Agent: Sifton Properties Limited
  • Location: East of Hyde Park Road, north of Stone Field Lane (Block 62 of the Clear Skies subdivision)
  • Roll No: 393903408013417 (previous)


Purpose and Effect of the Application:

The Site Plan and Draft Plan of Condominium applications would create 76 lots for townhouse dwellings within a vacant land condominium located east of Hyde Park Road and north of Stone Field Lane. The proposed development will have access off the extension of Bowman Drive.

The site plan is available for public viewing at the municipal office.

If you would like additional information related to the site plan or have any questions about the proposed development, please contact the planner, Marion Cabral.



Please see attached document(s) below for further details.