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In 2024, the Municipality of Middlesex Centre will be updating its Development Charges (DC) Study, as legislated under the Development Charges Act.

During the study, Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (project consultants) will be reviewing growth forecasts, longer term capital needs and associated studies, the levels of service offered by Middlesex Centre, Provincial DC policies including recent changes to legislation, and other elements to prepare a updated DC Background Study.

This page will be updated as the project evolves, and will be a main resource for documents and other matters related to the DC Study.

Study Timeline

Key dates and milestones for the DC Study project include:

  • January 2024 - Study begins
  • January to March - Data collection and analysis
  • March 27 - Industry Stakeholder Meeting (part of the annual builders update meeting; contact Arnie Marsman, Director of Building Services, for details)
  • April 19 - DC Background Report and draft DC By-law available
  • May 15 - Public Meeting regarding the DC Study
  • June 19 - Council to consider approval of the DC Background Study and By-law 

More details on meeting dates, times and locations will be provided as information becomes available. To receive updates, please request to be added to the study mailing list (see below).

Dates are subject to change.

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