Two children tobogganing

Tobogganing Hills at Middlesex Centre Parks


Safety Tips

Make sure you’re in control and keep safe!

  • Report unsafe conditions to the municipality through our online feedback form (select "Report a Problem - Parks") or by calling 519-601-8022 ext 5101.
  • Call 911 if there is an emergency.

Check the hill Conditions

  • Make sure the hill is free of hazards like trees, rocks, fences and bare spots.
  • Check to see that there is a lot of room to stop at the bottom of the hill, away from creeks and trees.
  • Avoid ice-covered areas.
  • Do not toboggan at dusk or at night.

pick your gear

  • Choose a sled or toboggan that is easy to control.
  • Avoid drawstrings and long ropes.
  • Wear a helmet (strongly recommended). Certified hockey, ski or winter multi-sport helmets are recommended since they’re made for cold weather and similar falls. Make sure the helmet is in good condition, fits, and is worn correctly.

Toboggan safely

  • Kneel or sit on your toboggan.
  • Don’t stand or lie down head first.
  • Slide down the middle of the hill and climb up the sides.
  • Make sure your route is clear before sliding.
  • Avoid scarves and loose clothing. 
  • All children should be supervised by an adult. Young children should not go down the hill alone.
  • Teach children to roll off the toboggan if heading for danger.
  • Do not build snow jumps and other obstacles; they are not permitted.