Strategic Plan

Cover from the Middlesex Centre Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Developed with the community, Middlesex Centre's Strategic Plan is a guiding document for where we want to go as a community, and charts a course for getting there.

Middlesex Centre Strategic Plan, 2021-2026


Developing the Plan

Council was determined that this plan should be rooted in the needs of the community and the input of residents and businesses.

Accordingly, the municipality engaged Erebus Municipal Services Inc. to undertake an extensive program of community consultation during the summer of 2020. Middlesex Centre residents, businesses and community groups were asked what was important to them in their community, and to share their vision for the future. This consultation included a community survey (random), online survey and focus groups.

From there, the consultants worked closely with Council and municipal staff to prioritize the feedback and prepare objectives and initiatives to address the issues and opportunities raised. The result was a series of actions that reflect what we heard from residents and businesses, what is affordable, and what will most benefit Middlesex Centre as a whole.

Our Vision

Middlesex Centre: A thriving, progressive and welcoming community that honours our rural roots and embraces our natural spaces


Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities Diagram
  • Engaged Community
  • Balanced Growth
  • Vibrant Local Economy
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Services
  • Responsive Municipal Government

For each priority, a series of objectives and initiatives provide further detail and direction. 


Reporting on Success

Each year, staff will report on what actions have been undertaken to achieve the objectives in the Strategic Plan.




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