Campbell Cemetery

The municipality operates and maintains seven cemeteries located within Middlesex Centre.

Municipal Cemeteries

Questions about cemeteries owned and operated by the Municipality of Middlesex Centre should be directed to the Office the Clerk.


Campbell Cemetery (Old) 10196 Oxbow Dr., Komoka (map)
Campbell Cemetery (New) 10126 Oxbow Dr., Komoka (map)
Duncrief Cemetery (Lobo Methodist Cemetery) 11619 Charlton Dr., Duncrief (map)
Graham Cemetery 10282 Melrose Dr., Komoka (map)
Hume Cemetery 10425 Ilderton Rd., Coldstream (map)
Melrose Cemetery 6711 Egremont Dr., Melrose (map)
Tiffany Cemetery 2637 Gideon Dr., Delaware (map)
Frequently Asked Questions about Municipal Cemeteries

How many burials are permitted in one lot?

One regular interment and one cremation interment is permitted in a regular grave. Up to four cremation interments may be permitted in any one regular grave with no regular interment.

How many monuments are permitted on one lot?

No more than one upright monument and one marker are permitted on a plot.

Are flower beds permitted on a lot?

Flower beds are permitted in front of upright monuments and markers located at the head of the plots, but must not exceed 50.8 cm (20 inches) distance from the monument/marker base. Flower beds are not to exceed the monument/marker width and where there is no monument, flower beds can only be planted by permission of, and under direction of the Cemetery Manager. Planting of borders around plots is prohibited. 

When I buy a plot, do I own the land?

No, what you own is the right to determine who may be buried in your lot. These rights are call burial or interment rights. The land remains the property and responsibility of the municipality. 

Can I cancel my Interment Rights?

The purchaser of interment rights has the right to cancel an interment rights contract within thirty (30) days of signing the interment rights contract (“30-day cooling-off period”) by providing written notice of the cancellation to the Cemetery Operator.

Can I sell my plot to someone else?

Yes you may; however, there are specific conditions and steps required to ensure the proper transfer of ownership is registered in the cemetery records.

Can I be buried with my pet(s)?

No. Only human remains shall be interred in the cemetery and in no case shall the bodies of any animal be placed in any grave within the cemetery.

Am I required to have a vault?

A vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses a casket. Vaults are required in all graves within the cemetery. 

Additional Resources

The municipality must maintain Care and Maintenance Trust Funds when monuments and sales of plots take place. Only the interest earned from these accounts may be used by the municipality for the maintenance of municipal cemeteries.

With this being said, any potential donations toward the care and maintenance of the municipal cemeteries are greatly appreciated. Donations may be made by cash, debit or cheque at the municipal office. A tax receipt will be issued for any donations over $20.00. 

Additional Cemeteries in Middlesex Centre

The following cemeteries are located in Middlesex Centre. Please contact the  Office the Clerk if you require contact information.

  • Birr Anglican Cemetery 
  • Birr United Cemetery
  • Carmichael Cemetery
  • Christ Church Anglican Cemetery 
  • Denfield Cemetery 
  • First Lobo Baptist Cemetery 
  • Ivan Cemetery 
  • Littlewood Cemetery 
  • Medway Cemetery 
  • Melville United Church Cemetery 
  • Oakland Cemetery 
  • Poplar Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Poplar Hill Cemetery 
  • Southgate Cemetery 
  • St. George Anglican Church Cemetery
  • St. John The Divine Anglican Church Cemetery 
  • Telfer Cemetery 
  • Quaker - Coldstream Cemetery 
  • Vanneck United Church Cemetery 
  • Woodhull Cemetery 


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