Delaware Hydro Reserve Fund

Funding for Capital Projects in Delaware Village

Individuals and community organizations in Delaware are invited to apply for funding from the Delaware Hydro Reserve Fund for projects that enhance the appearance, accessibility or infrastructure of the village.

About the Program

Each year, Middlesex Centre makes available up to 50% of the interest earned by the Delaware Hydro Reserve Fund in the previous year. This is approximately $5,000 each year.

Individuals and community organizations can apply for funding for capital projects that meet certain eligibility requirements. Up to 50% of the cost of the capital project may be covered by the Delaware Hydro Reserve Fund, with the 50% balance contributed by the individual(s) or the community organization.

Eligible Programs

Expenditures from the fund may include, but not limited to:

  • Capital projects to improve the general appearance of Delaware Village;
  • Capital projects that improve access to Delaware community facilities and programs by children, seniors and people with disabilities;
  • Capital projects that improve or add to the municipal infrastructure in Delaware Village.

Ineligible Programs

Expenditures from the fund should not include:

  • Projects that in other areas of Middlesex Centre are being provided through the general rate (municipal expenditures);
  • Projects that in other areas of Middlesex Centre are being paid as a user rate.

To Apply for Funding

Application: Please complete the application form below and submit it to Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services.
(Don't forget to download the form before completing it, or else the PDF will not save.)

Due Date: We encourage applications by November 30 for projects in the following year.  Funding decisions will be made based on applications received by that date. Additional funding requests submitted after November 30 may be considered if funding is still available.