What to do about Raccoons


Living in a beautiful rural community like Middlesex Centre means living in close proximity with wildlife. That’s usually something we enjoy, but from time-to-time wildlife can pose concerns.


We’ve been getting a lot of calls into the office about raccoons lately. Here are a few things to remember:

  • If you see a raccoon behaving strangely, do not approach it. Give it ample space, and make sure to keep children and pets well away. The raccoon will most likely move along on its own, given time.
  • If you have a raccoon that is hanging around and not moving on from your property, you will need to contact a pest control company to have it removed. The municipality does not remove raccoons (or skunks, etc.) from private property.

To help keep your kids and pets safe:

  • Don’t encourage raccoons to visit your yard. Don’t leave any food out, and keep your recycling and waste containers secure until your collection day.
  • Talk to your children and tell them not to approach wild animals. 
  • Walk your dog on a leash, and make sure to check for raccoons before you let your pets outside in your yard.
  • As raccoons may carry distemper, make sure that your pets have been vaccinated against the disease.

This article was first posted December 2019.