Notice: Municipal Water Source changing for Delaware


Most drinking water in Middlesex Centre comes from Lake Huron through the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System, and it is tested and treated through the municipally owned water system before distribution to residents. A few communities receive water under a contract with the City of London (which draws from both Lake Huron and Lake Erie).

Residents in Delaware have been receiving drinking water supplied to Middlesex Centre from the City of London. Once the Delaware Interconnect Project is complete in the coming days, residents in Delaware will change to receiving their water from the Middlesex Centre municipal water system.

What does this mean for your household?

You should notice no difference in your water. 

Water safety and quality are top priorities for the municipality. Our Drinking Water Quality Management System meets the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, and water from Middlesex Centre facilities meets or exceeds provincial water quality standards.

Why was the change made to use municipally owned water system?

The decision to change the water supply to Delaware was made several years ago following recommendations from servicing studies. Several factors were considered in making the decision, but one major benefit is the annual cost savings that will be realized from reducing the amount of water purchased once the change is complete. 

For More Information

For questions about this change, please contact Eric Joudrey, Water/Wastewater Operations Manager.

To learn more about water and wastewater services in Middlesex Centre, see the Water Pages on the municipal website.