Notice of Disposition - Road Allowance


Pursuant to the Municipality of Middlesex Centre Sale and Disposition of Land By-law 2012-043, NOTICE is hereby given of the proposed sale of municipally owned lands.

At their regular meeting on September 7, 2022, Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre passed the following resolution, with regard to the lands outlined below:

THAT Council receives report CLK-07-2022 re: Request for Surplus Lands Resolution for a Municipally Owned Property – Road Allowance. 

AND THAT Council deems municipally owned surplus land as surplus; 

AND THAT Council directs staff to proceed with the sale of municipally owned property legally described as Lot 29 RCP 423; Part Lot 27 RFP, Part 2 as in 34R288, Part of the Original Road Allowance Between Lots 6 & 7, Concession 4 Lying Between the Kings Hwy #2 & the Road Allowance Between the former in the Township of Delaware & Township of Westminster, now in the City of London; s/t to the interest, if any, in MW61577, MW77640 s/t DL10573, DL10639; formerly in Delaware Township, now the City of London; Being all of PIN 08503-0169 (hereinafter referred to as the “Subject Lands”), which is deemed surplus to municipal needs; 

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to proceed with disposal of the lands subject to the satisfaction of the retained municipality’s solicitor, the Middlesex County Barrister & Solicitor’s Office.


Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed Sale may do so prior to November 7, 2022, by delivering such comment in writing or via email to the Clerk at the municipal office. 

Municipality of Middlesex Centre
c/o Municipal Clerk, James Hutson
10227 Ilderton Road
Ilderton, Ontario, N0M 2A0