Mayor DeViet Elected Warden for Middlesex County

Warden DeViet and Deputy Warden Burghardt-Jesson

Congratulations to Middlesex Centre Mayor Aina DeViet for her election to the position of Warden for the County of Middlesex for 2024.

As Warden, Mayor DeViet will head county council, which comprises mayors and deputy mayors from all the lower-tier municipalities in Middlesex County. Mayor DeViet steps up to this new role from her current position as Deputy Warden.

Mayor DeViet has been a member of Middlesex Centre council since 2010 and has held the position of mayor since 2018. She has sat on county council since 2016 and has served on numerous county boards and committees including the Middlesex-London Board of Health. In addition, Mayor DeViet currently serves on the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO)’s executive committee as the chair of the association’s county caucus.

Mayor DeViet elected to her position at the county council meeting on November 28, 2023. She takes on this role in addition to her work as mayor. She will be joined by Councillor Cathy Burghardt-Jesson, Mayor of Lucan-Biddulph, who will serve as Deputy Warden for the coming year.