Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance Program


The following is being shared on behalf of Hydro One.

Hydro One is scheduled to complete right-of-way vegetation maintenance along the transmission corridor in Middlesex Centre in 2024.

Hydro One regularly monitors the conditions of its transmission corridors and schedules routine vegetation maintenance to identify incompatible vegetation along our rights-of-way, including tree species or brush that can grow tall enough to compromise the safe operation of power. Keeping vegetation a safe distance from power lines is necessary to ensure minimum clearance requirements established by our regulator, provincial agencies, and our utility partners across North America, to prevent tree related outages and for public safety. Maintaining our assets and infrastructure is vital to providing Ontario with the electricity we all depend on.

Hydro One uses an integrated approach to vegetation management and our forestry technicians assess each right-of-way to determine what work is required in the area. The work in your community will include the removal of non-compatible brush as well as pruning branches away from power lines and removing any dead or hazardous trees that have the potential to interfere with the safe and reliable operation of the power line. In areas where there is a higher density of brush, mechanical equipment may be used. 

Details of Work

The work on the right-of-way in your community will include the removal of incompatible vegetation, including brush (vegetation less than four inches in diameter) and dead, diseased or hazardous trees. Vegetation that requires removal will be marked with orange paint/tape and the vegetation that requires trimming will be marked with YELLOW paint/tape. If trees are removed from your property, all wood will be left on-site. In areas where there is a higher density of brush, mechanical equipment may be used. 

To ensure our required clearance until the next vegetation maintenance cycle, a Health Canada Approved Herbicide may be selectively applied, where deemed necessary, to control the re-growth of vegetation. 


If you have any questions regarding the planned work, please contact Matthew McGIllivray at 613-403-2644 or by email at matthew.mcgillivray@hydroone.com or our Forestry Department at 1-888-797-4023 or by emailing Forestry.FBC@HydroOne.com


2024 notice first posted Dec 11, 2023.