2024 Road Rehabilitation

Road Closed Ahead Sign

Middlesex Centre will resurfacing a number of roads in Delaware, Ilderton, and Komoka-Kilworth this summer. Work is expected to take place from July 8 to August 31, 2024.

Roads to be Resurfaced


  • Delaware -- Osborne Street from Gideon Drive to York Street
  • Delaware -- Atkinson Court from Mill Creek Lane to East Limit
  • Delaware -- Thames Street from Atkinson Court to Young Street
  • Delaware -- Yorkdale Street from Osbourne Street to North Limit


  • Ilderton -- Calvert Lane from Blue Heron Drive to Meadowcreek Drive
  • Ilderton -- Willow Ridge Road from Blue Heron Drive to Blue Heron Drive
  • Ilderton -- Blue Heron Drive from Calvert Lane to Willow Ridge Road
  • Ilderton -- Meadowcreek Drive from Calvert Lane to East End
  • Ilderton -- Kennedy Ave from Robert Street to East limit
  • Ilderton -- Kennedy Court from Robert Street to West Limit
  • Ilderton -- Robert Street from Ilderton Road to Robert Court
  • Ilderton -- Robert Court from Robert Street to West Limit
  • Ilderton -- Mill Street from Ilderton Road to Heritage Place
  • Ilderton -- Margaret Street from Mill Street to Robert Street
  • Ilderton -- Heritage Drive from Mill Street to South Limit
  • Ilderton -- Heritage Place from Heritage Drive to Mill Street
  • Ilderton -- Meadowsweet Crescent from Stonefield Lane to Stonefield Lane


  • Komoka -- St Lawrence Ave from Delaware Street North to Springer Street
  • Komoka -- Ontario Ave from Delaware Street South to Queens Ave
  • Kilworth -- Beechnut Street from Blackburn Crescent to Beechnut Place
  • Kilworth -- Beechnut Place from Beechnut Street to Elmhurst Ave
  • Kilworth -- Blackburn Cres from Westbrook Crescent to Kilworth Park Drive
  • Kilworth -- Blackburn Place from Blackburn Cres to North Limit
  • Kilworth -- Blackburn Cres from Kilworth Park Drive to Kilworth Park Drive
  • Kilworth -- Elmhurst Street from Beechnut Place to Beechnut Street
  • Kilworth -- Linnel Cres from Kilworth Park Drive to Kilworth Park Drive
  • Kilworth -- Kilworth Park Drive from Parkland Place to South Limit
Project Scope and Schedule
  • Schedule: Tentative start date – July 8, 2024; Estimated completion – August 31, 2024
  • Scope: Milling or pulverizing the road surface and repaving, adjustments to maintenance holes, utility valves and catch basins, and curb and gutter (as required).
  • Contractor: Dufferin Construction
  • Funding: This project is funded through the Middlesex Centre capital budget. $1.5 million was set aside for this work in the budget. (Note - in the budget, this project is referred to as "Hot Mix Resurfacing.") You can find more information about Middlesex Centre's capital budget on our Open Budget site.
How will Construction Impact You?

If you live on a street that is being resurfaced:

  • Street Access and Parking: All roads will be open during construction only allowing local traffic to access their properties. Parking on the road during construction will be prohibited.
  • Vibration – Protect Valuables: Construction equipment can cause vibrations. Please ensure you protect any valuables susceptible to damage.
  • Mail Services: Canada Post will continue to deliver mail during construction. Canada Post will provide further notification and instructions for residents that may be impacted.
  • Garbage and Recycling Collection: If your pick-up point is temporarily blocked by construction, the Municipality will assist in collecting and transporting your garbage and recycling.

If you are driving through an area being resurfaced, please follow and obey any posted road closure or detour signs.

Contacts for Project Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about this project or questions once construction starts, please contact Andrew Giesen, Transportation Manager for Middlesex Centre.

If there is a construction-related emergency and there are no staff on-site, please contact the municipal cffice at (519) 666-0190.